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  • Jeep WK Grand Cherokee XK Commander Coilover Mount Kit


    CB Engineering is proud to introduce the 1st WK / XK Coilover Mount Kit.  These are a universal coilover shock mount kit for you 2005 to 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK or Commander XK. These kits are designed around a 2.0" x 8" coilover that uses a 7/8" shaft and a 1.5" mount width. This allows you to pick your coilover shock. You can use these with King, Sway Away, and FOA shocks. 

    The kit includes two upper mounts with hardware, two lower mounts, and shaft spacers to tailor your lift height and shock travel to your specification. The shaft spacers are meant to be cut down to work for your particular setup depending on lift height and shock manufacture. 

    You can choose from 4 different kits; -2" to -1", stock to 2.5" lift and two Superlift kits one that works from 4- 6" of lift and another that work from 6 to 8". Our Superlift setup will get rid of the front shock spacer. If you want to go to a different lift height all you need is a new upper mount and spacer and you can keep the same shocks and lower mount. Increase the suspension travel, performance, and control of your Jeep. Our coilover kit allows for full ride height adjustment. Add a winch or bumper and adjust the coil preload to fine tune your ride height. 

    Need to use a 2.5" ID spring with a length of 14" for 0 to 2.5" lifts and a 14" or 16" spring for Superlift Kits. We recommend a spring rate from 500 to 700 lb (600 is most popular) depending on your engine and any accessories you have mounted to the front our your vehicle. Stock front coil spring rate is around 450 lb.