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2009+ Mercedes BlueTec OM642 Full EGR Delete Kit


2009+ Mercedes BlueTec OM642 Full EGR delete kit. This kit removes the entire EGR system from the OM642 newer 2009+ Bluetec Mercedes motor. There are differences in the EGR valve and coolant routing from the earlier OM642 Engines. Will not work on Sprinter OM642 due to different EGR system. This kit removes the EGR valve and EGR cooler systems. Includes EGR cooler bypass tube, exhaust block off plates, intake manifold block off plate, EGR valve block off plate, EGR valve simulator plug, and EGR coolant fitting. This kit blocks the EGR from entering the intake system by blocking it off at the exhaust manifold and removing the EGR components for a much cleaner running and looking engine. The kit includes EGR Cooler bypass tube, block off plates, and EGR coolant fitting made from 304 Stainless steel. The EGR valve block off plate is made from 6061 aluminum. This kit requires the driver intake manifold as the EGR coolant port has to be plugged to work with the EGR delete kit. Requires proper ECM tuning to run this product.