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  • 2007 -2009 Jeep Mercedes CRD OM642 Intake Manifold - Swirl Valve Removal and Port Match

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    2007 - 2009 Jeep and Mercedes OM642 Intake Manifold Swirl Valve removal. This is for Jeep and Mercedes that do not have the Urea Injection System. This is a service we offer for the intake manifolds. We will clean the manifolds and remove all the EGR and CCV oil build up. Then remove the swirl valves and weld up the ports. We can also port match the intake manifold ports with the cylinder head. The intake ports are slightly smaller than the cylinder head ports. This will reduce pumping losses and create less turbo spool delay and increase HP on engine with more aggressive tunes or turbos. We can preform other services upon request. You need to send in your intake manifolds for service work. See contact info for shipping location. Typical turn around is 3-4 days.