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Jeep WK Grand Cherokee XK Commander Front Upper Control Arm Kit

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2005-2010 Jeep WK Grand Cherokee and 2006-2010 Commander Front Upper Control Arm kit. When lifting your Jeep, the stock upper arms become the limiting factor during wheel travel and limit your wheel travel. Our CB Engineering upper arms address these issues.  Replacing the stock ball-joint and improving upper control arm geometry angles we're able to gain wheel travel with a part that is stronger and will last longer under extreme conditions.  Don't be fooled by competitors saying that Uni-Balls only have 33 degrees of angular rotation. Our Uni-ball bearing setup has 80 degrees of rotation. The Jeep control arm can only rotate 75 degrees max without the shocks, steering arms, and CV Axles hooked up. So if you are running any of those parts you will not be even close to exceeding the max angular travel of our Upper Control Arms. If you want to strongest control arms on the market you are in the right place.

Must specify if this will be used at a stock height lift or a 2"-3" height lift. This kit cannot be run with the stock shock and spring system as it will contact the spring during suspension travel, it must be run with the 2.0 coilover kit. This kit is made to order, expect 2-4 week lead time.