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  • Jeep WK/XK Heim Steering Tie Rod Upgrade

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    The CB Engineering Heim Steering Tie Rod Upgrade is a direct replacement for the weak stock units. These heavy duty tie rods eliminate the weak areas of the stock units, the weak factory ball joint, the limited articulation of the stock ball joint, and the weak tapered section for the inner pivot. The CB Engineering tie rods feature 7075 aircraft aluminum construction, Teflon lined 7/8" outer heim, 3/4" inner heim, heat treated 17-4 Stainless Steel inner clevis, clevis to steering rack bolt, and misalignment spacers. 

    These are the strongest most advanced steering tie rod kit on the market for the WK and XH vehicles. This steering kit will provide you with a very precise and rock solid steering feel. The 17-4 heat treated stainless steel components will not rust. The hiem joints are considered a wear item as they will not last the lifetime of the vehicle. This kit requires very little maintenance, but the hiem joints are not a sealed item like stock tie rods so they will wear quick than stock items, but will last through several years of punishing service. The stock system would of failed several times during the same interval. This kit is designed allow the full suspension travel when you upgrade to our coilover kit and upper control arm kit.  We designed our kit to tackle the hardest desert or rock crawling trails you can think of. The addition of lift kits and larger tires puts a large amount of stress on the steering components. Our kit will allow you to run these components without fearing your steering system will fail at the least expected times. 

    This heim steering kit is not compatible with the Superlift Steering Knuckles. The Superlift Steering knuckles put the tie rod mount very close to the wheel and will contact wheel before the wheel reaches full lock. Superlift steering knuckles with stock tie rods and stock wheels will contact before full steering lock. 

    They include all necessary hardware and are notched for easy installation. These work great with our coilover kit and upper control arm to get the maximum amount of articulation and strength. This kit is made to order, expect 2-4 week lead time.