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Mercedes CDI Crank Case Ventilation Relocation Kit


Mercedes OM642. Reroute your Crank Case Ventilation with this kit. Kit includes all the components to reroute your CCV system from the intake into the exhaust. Keep the CCV vapors from getting it your intake and filling it up with oil. Comes with stainless steel port to weld into your exhaust. All metal components are stainless steel to eliminate the problems with corrosion. Includes Turbo Intake Tube Plug. Assembly instructions provided. This kit is designed for the OM642 Mercedes Engine. Must be run after all stock or aftermarket mufflers or with a free flowing exhaust. This kit requires a free flowing exhaust to operate properly. If run before a muffler the savaging properties will not work correctly and will not pull the crankcase vapors out of the system.